Cabinets of curiosities were a strange bridge between atavistic myth and dawning scientific reality.
As such, their revival speaks to our own vexed relationship with the natural world, at a time when we seem bent on destroying it – partly as a result, some might say, of the schism between science and art. This interactive installation, in which I function as a museum guide, was inspired by a three months residency in Leipzig at the Pilotenkueche in the Spinnerei.
Inspired by Cabinet of Curiosities, I started to collect all kind of objects and information about Leipzig, a former East German city, mixing facts and fiction in an interactive installation, where the visitors could read, mesmerize, taste and discuss the state of Germany in the past, present and possible future. This installation invited touching meetings between former West and former East Germans, sharing experiences, thoughts and stories of both sides of Germany, and how this history lingers on today.

In December 2016, My German Wunderkammer was part of the group exhibition Wild Horses in Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig. Credit Ryu Oyama.