Job interview sur place!


‘Job interview sur place!’ is the evocative title Jacqueline van de Geer has chosen for the 2018 contribution to Art Souterrain’s festival LABOR IMPROBUS.
The work employs different strategies for inciting the public to participate in her presentation.
She examines the theme of work by simulating a job interview right in Place Bonaventure. Spectators are invited to submit to the artist’s interrogation, to fill out a questionnaire, and even to dance for her.
Through these absurd actions which allow the public to go beyond the generally accepted limits for job interviews, the artist highlights the social and psychological pressure job interviews elicit.
You are the performance! Job interview sur place! is an intimate performance through which van de Geer seeks connection with the spectator, and in which the spectator becomes the protagonist of the artistic action.
This performance is part of the series ‘You are the performance!’

color pictures Mike Patten
Black and white: Mirabelle Ricard