Popessy! is an apparition of three spiritual imaginary entities that temporary visit our reality here, accompanied by a strange mysterious radio soundtrack. This performance was sparked by a conversation about the lack of a female and black pope. We discussed how rituals and religions have developed a strong bond together. Through the centuries we have seen how gatherings in temples and churches, lead by ‘religious leaders’ were drenched with ritual actions. Everyone knew what was expected to perform. In our times we gained freedom of religion and its boundaries but we also lack rituals , healing, blessing, and in the religions still proceeding, we do not necessary recognize their leaderships as a mirror of our society. Popessy! performs a wild concept of spiritual leadership, an interactive performance, using dada- inspired costumes and a mysterious soundtrack. Popessy! is a real happening in which there is room for wonder, introspection, togetherness and laughter.

Popessy! is a performance collaboration between Christopher Brown, Natalia Kalici, Demetra Kallitsi and Jacqueline van de Geer and was presented in Leipzig  at Zum Hinkenden Hahn 23 November 2016. Popessy! as well inspired a short film as part of the Wild Horses exhibition at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, December 2016.

The Popessy! paper mache costumes live on in in Leipzig,  used for performances in the public space, exhibitions and paintings.