MERZ! is my dada inspired tribute to Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Cabaret Voltaire, my expression of fear of violence, war and exclusion and my escape through merzing and nonsensical dada-inspired actions.
I find so much freedom in expression through the dada movement. I see connections with our lives and the arts in this era. The dada movement was born out of frustration with a war-obsessed society. It was a reaction of artists on the first world war, a grueling war with Germany as the big loser. The country was left with severe poverty, disabled men returning from the battle fields and hunger. The devaluation of the Mark led to a fragile life for many people.
The artists of that time did not wish to represent reality anymore, because the reality they witnessed and lived in was sense less, so they made art that had no sense, made no sense and had no purpose to make sense.
Ca me parle beaucoup! I do not think our time makes much sense either and I have no intent to make art that represents a so called ‘realistic point of view’, I rather explore the chaos, the childish habits of power, moneymakers and institutionalized society.
MERZ! is an exploration how to cope with the violence and politics that are surrounding us, and an expression of our helplessness to change the chaos in our times.